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Debtors Control

Our Debtors Control Module enables you to easily create, fully customise, automate and keep track of unlimited invoices – speed up your invoicing & get paid on time!

Set unique credit limits and specific payment conditions for every client to help strengthen credit control management

Integrate with the WinAcc Stock Control Module to save time and resources – set custom pricing, debtors sub-stock and settlement discounts with ease

Create and assign unique Sales Team Codes and Commission Structures to quickly and easily manage sales commission payments –keeping your employees smiling along the way

Enjoy over 30 flexible and comprehensive accounting reports available to aid you in connecting with your business data

Popular Accounting Reports:

Debtor Audit Trails

Product Analysis

Customer Analysis

Salesman Analysis

Debtors Control

Creditors Control

Our Creditors Control Module works to minimise the time and effort required to process bills from vendors, helping to ensure a more logical and effective cash flow within your supply chain

Easily manage and regulate business spending & improve your payment controls by making sure no bill is ever late, lost, forgotten or paid twice

Save time and money with batch payments that allow you to pay multiple bills in one simple transaction. Bundle payments together and further reduce business administration with Win Accounting’s option to schedule payments

Integrate with the WinAcc Stock Control Module to keep your inventory management and order processing running smoothly

Popular Accounts Payable Accounting Reports:

Purchase Analysis | Age Analysis | Creditor File List | Document Analysis

Stock Control

Enter and track unique product and category codes to easily identify inventory trends and better maximise your business resources – Use the Win Acc 3-tier Custom Pricing with sub-stock option to help ensure the right mix and amount of inventory is always on hand

Integrate seamlessly with all other Win Acc Modules | Save time and money with batched transaction entering and posting capabilities – ensure your inventory accounting details remain 100% accurate and up-to-date through easy transaction processing and posting

The Stock Control Module allows for Multi-Company and Multi-User Setup, making it perfect for both small to medium sized enterprises, as well as Accountants and Bookkeepers | Set unique permission levels and assign them to new/existing users with ease

Popular Inventory Management Accounting Reports:

ABC Analysis | Inventory Turnover | Slow Moving Stock | Stock Usage | Inventory Audit Trail

General Ledger

Our General Ledger Module is a powerful business tool that centralises & consolidates your company’s financial information, making it easier to create more accurate budgets, predict future financial outcomes and use real revenue reports to make informed decisions

Prepare key financial statements that are crucial for evaluating profitability, liquidity and the overall financial health of your business

Use this module to easily manage and maintain your Cost Centres, allowing you to keep track of all department and business expenses

Populate your Chart of Accounts with ease, using Win Accounting’s Account Level and Column features to design accurate financial statements

Through Balance Sheets and Income Statements, your transaction data is split into accounts for assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses and owners’ equity

Integrate with your Win Accounting Debtors and Creditors Control Modules to further save time and resources – Keep your accounts accurate and updated through easy Debtor and Creditor Transfer File Import capabilities

Popular G.L & Financial Reports:

Trial Balance

Balance Sheet

Income Statement

Chart of Accounts

Cashbook Reconciliation

Detailed Postings Report

Combined Dr & Cr Report

Consolidated Journals

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